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Get your garden shears and your green thumbs ready for the show! There’s going to be a burst of roses during the spring and summer. The Popcorn Drift rose is a ground cover shrub that can be considered for bordering, container decor, or mass planting. This beauty blooms massive amounts of creamy white and yellow (with a tinge of pink) roses set against a background of dark green foliage. It’s soft velvet to the touch flowers are also fragrant; attracting butterflies. Caring for this disease resistant and pet friendly evergreen consists of a simple schedule of regular watering to establish a good root system, feeding with fertilizer and prune annually (during late winter or early spring) to shape and promote new growth. It requires full sun and reaches its potential size of 1.5 ft tall and spreads to 2.5 ft wide. With its cottage and mediterranean garden style all eyes will be on this "Popcorn Drift Rose" show!

#DriftRose #Popcorndriftroses

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